Pool Barriers

BlueFish Pool and Spa LLC now intalls Pool Barriers!
Pool Barriers
Protect Your Loved Ones

The statistics on unintentional drowning are hard to read. The number of pool related accidents and injuries alone are staggering, and these don't even take into account the loss of pets in pools.

So many of the issues could have been avoided by something as simple as a POOL BARRIER.

At BlueFish Pool and Spa, Safety and customer satisfaction are ALWAYS priority one. Our barriers exceed all required code strength are easily removed and reset by adults when needed.

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 For more information on pool safety, please visit: www.poolsafely.gov 

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     Our barriers exceed all code standards and are available in 4 colors, with optional self-closing matching gates with key locks. 

  • black pool fence.jpg

    Black is the only color available in 4 foot AND 5 foot height.

  • dessert tan baby fence.jpg
    Desert Tan

  • forest brown baby fence.jpg
    Forest Brown

  • lanai white.jpg
    Lanai White

  • babygate.jpg

    4 foot tall gates are self-closing, key locking, and available in all 4 colors. (only available in black in 5 foot height)

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