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We Don't Just "Show Up", We Go Above and Beyond.

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 Not many things are as frustrating as watching your pool guy "Splash and Dashfrom your back window.
Fortunately, there ARE still companies that care about you, your pool, and quality service, and BlueFish Pool and Spa is one of them. 

Every pool is different, just as every pool owner is also. We like to get to know our customers and tailor our service to make sure your needs are met, while keeping your pool looking and running at it's best.

No matter if it's a salt or chlorine pool, we have the solutions to keeping your pool water balanced and enjoyable all year long.

We are a full service pool company that also specializes in Leak Detection, Repairs, and Equipment. We stay up on the latest products and offer a wide variety of equipment including Energy Saving Variable Speed Pumps.

Regardless of your needs or pool size, BlueFish Pool and Spa has you covered with quality service and one stop shopping

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